Chris Atley | 5 Tips to Thriving Over the Holidays
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5 Tips to Thriving Over the Holidays


5 Tips to Thriving Over the Holidays

Posted by admin in Articles 18 Dec 2017

I don’t know about you, but Christmas caught-up to me quickly this year! Thank goodness for online shopping!! I am reminded that with a husband traveling, extra volunteer projects, amongst an already busy time fo year, that something has to give!


I hope these 5 tips in today’s article below, will help you stay sane and grounded this holiday season. I will be practicing self-care this weekend by way of yoga and a massage 🙂


Here are 5 tips I have found to be the most useful for reducing overwhelm over the holidays and actually thriving instead.


1. Pre-plan what you are going to buy for people and what your budget is. Then assign dates that are associated with executing that plan. This will help you immensely to stay organized, which will in-turn reduce a ton of stress. Let’s also look at being really intentional with gift giving this year. What will be meaningful for someone else? What will light up their hearts? One thing I am excited about for the kids this year is visiting the local crystal shop for a few spiritual goodies.


2. Say no. If you have received a lot of invites to Christmas parties, decide honestly which ones are really important to you and your family. Some compromises might be in order, but for the most part only attend if they are an absolute yes! If you add things to your calendar that you don’t really want to attend, this is going to build resentment and more stress. It’s not worth it.


3. Keep up with regular exercise. This is usually the first to go, but it is so important. Note I said regular routines; this isn’t the time to up the workout routine, as that will just add stress to an already busy time of year. Keep up regular routines and schedule in your workouts. This is going to help you reduce stress and feel good. It’s worth it. If you’re travelling, look at how you can creatively adapt your regular workout routine while you are away. Decide how many workouts you want to get in (again not more then usual), and put them in your calendar. This is the way to actually make them happen.


4. Schedule in some down time! When your cup is full, you will have more to give others. What can you do weekly, daily, that is just for you? Maybe a hot bubble bath or special meditation with a nice aromatherapy…what is this for you? Schedule it in. Again, this will guarantee that it happens.


5. Give love. Have patience and don’t be in a rush if you are tackling the shops. How can you give love and make everyone else’s life better with whom you come into contact with? Imagine how peaceful the world would be, if we ALL did that? Bliss.


Namaste friends and much love to you all during this holiday season xo

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