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Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

How to Create Heart-Centered Relationships in Business


How to Create Heart-Centered Relationships in Business

Posted by admin in Articles 30 Oct 2017

I’ve enjoyed working with new clients this week and it’s always cool to see how surprised they are at what the core issue (belief) is that is blocking the growth of their businesses. I finished with one client and thought, “damn I love this work”! I love helping people become aware of this so that they can start moving forward with a new and empowered thought system instead. It’s the missing link to creating the life and results they’re really wanting, and being able to fully step into utilizing the universal consciousness we all have available to guide us 😉




In this week’s article, I share what I have found to be helpful in really creating meaningful relationships with people. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


I have learned how to identify this in others and how to show-up this way myself.


Here are some tips that will help you step into this place and recognize others who are doing the same.


1. Come from a place of service yourself. Many people talk about this in the coaching industry – come from a place of service before you get on a sales call. In order to truly come from service, you must believe in something bigger then you. A force that is guiding you and supporting you. When you can adopt this belief, you will know you will always be taken care of and then you truly can operate from a place of service. Imagine not worrying about where your next client is going to come from or how you’re going to pay the bills. Think about how much differently you would show up in front of a potential client.


2. Come from a place of service in ALL areas of your life. For me the missing piece in the coaching industry was this. It doesn’t stop with business. It is about giving and being of service in every area of your life. Maybe a friend needs help or your child needs some extra love. Maybe it’s taking the time to help a stranger in line at the grocery store. This is a way of being. It’s also about giving legitimately. Not because you’re trying to get something in return, but you cause you genuinely want to help. You’re putting your own agenda aside and helping someone else.


3. Does it mean you don’t take care of yourself and practice self-care? No. Giving to yourself (receiving) is just as important. When you feel good you have more to give. I love the expression “giving from your saucer, not your teacup”. Think about when you’re happy and relaxed and how much more energy you have for others, as opposed to trying to give from a burned out, overwhelmed place. That causes resentment and anger instead. You will show-up differently when you’re more at peace and have so much more to offer others.


4. When you operate from a “giving” mentality instead of “getting” people will naturally reciprocate. They will remember you and think of you. You will be one of their centers of influence and in their circle of trust. Your relationships will be strengthened and meaningful. Business will take on a whole new identity and strengthen relationships and community in a powerful way.



You will have some of the most deep and meaningful connections with other people. It’s this energy that is going to change the world. With love being the energy that is extended out between human beings and creating that powerful ripple effect. That is the world I want to be a part of.

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