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Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses



Are Your Ducks in a Row?

30 Aug 2014 Posted by admin in Articles

I have recently been introduced to a new system, where you split up your time into 3 chunks. They are focus, flex and free time. Focus time is used to work on projects and to brainstorm. It is the creative portion of your work and should move you forward. Flex time is devoted to phone calls, emails, setting up systems, running business related errands, etc. Free time is personal time, i.e. getting together with friends and family. From there you plan out your month and decide which days will be used for focus, flex or free time (or a combination).

Love It or Leave It?

15 Aug 2014 Posted by admin in Articles

The answer is a tweak in attitude and mindset. When something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you failed. Look at anything that you do as a learning experience. You are seeing what works and what doesn’t. Nothing more – and you don’t need to judge it. Just move on.

Isn’t it Time to Wake-up?

17 Jul 2014 Posted by admin in Articles

I’ve been noticing a theme lately – people are not taking responsibility for what is happening in their own lives. I’ve noticed this with clients, peers and even my 5 year old. Ella (my 5 year old), said to me one morning this week, “you’re…

4 Traps That = an Ego Take Over!

12 Jul 2014 Posted by admin in Articles

What an amazing week settling back into work mode and getting into new routines for the kids post-move. I was even able to fit in a few walks along the beach! What a great way to start the day! Here is a picture of Roxy…

Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Stuck?

05 Jul 2014 Posted by admin in Articles

Well, we made it! The day after I sponsored Inside Edge in Scottsdale, we moved to the beach in San Diego!!!! It was a whirlwind of activity, but worth every second. 🙂   I have been enjoying the beautiful ocean breezes and being able to…

Success Depends on Your Follow-up Plan

26 Jun 2014 Posted by admin in Articles

When you know you’re going to a function, make sure you schedule in time the next morning to follow up with the people you met/interacted with there. For example, when I go to a networking event, I make time the next morning to send emails and make connections on Facebook with anyone I connected with. It’s important to do this right away while you’re still fresh in the person’s mind. If you’re hoping to meet with someone in-person, i.e. for a lunch or coffee, it’s best to reach out right away to increase the chances of making that happen.