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4 Steps to Mastering Intention

09 Apr 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

I remember hearing about this fabulous trip my mentor was taking people on to Belize, and thinking “I want to do that”. The idea of digging things out on a deeper level in a tropical, luxurious setting, sounded fantastic! I also immediately thought, well how would I afford that, and ya right that’s crazy. Then one day when I got up to the microphone to ask my mentor a question that had been hindering me, he told me the real way to move past it was to go to Belize. Divine intervention number one.

What Is Stopping You?

04 Apr 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

Our subconscious is actually a pretty crazy beast. It stores all of our thoughts, beliefs and memories throughout the duration of our lives. On the one hand it’s good because we don’t have to spend too much time thinking about things; i.e. when someone shows us a marker with a red lid, we automatically know it’s a red marker. We’ve had the experience over and over again of knowing the lid on the marker tells us the colour. Therefore, it’s ingrained into our mind and our being.

How Are You Showing-Up?

28 Mar 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

I invite you to look at what your reasons are for not following through with your commitments. You need to realize that your subconscious is going to try to show you every excuse in the book to derail you, to throw you off track. It will literally try to convince you why you should not grow and change, and show you really good reasons, like getting sick.

What’s Your Hurry Anyway?

21 Mar 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

By constantly rushing and worrying, we will not actually see the opportunities literally all around us right now to give us what we are asking for. If we’re operating from fear and worry, we will block the divine direction available to us from Source. We will only see things that vibrate on the same level as fear and worry – which is nothing to write home about 🙂 It likely looks like debt, lack of clients, working with people we don’t love and doing things we don’t want to do.

5 Quick Tips to Increase Your Profits

07 Mar 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

Be of service. The minute you step into doubt, worry or fear, you are not coming from a place of service. You are worrying about yourself and your own situation. Prospective clients will pick-up on this energy. They may not be able to put their finger on it, but they will sense something is off. Alternately, when you come from a place of service you aren’t worrying about you. It’s essentially not about you in that moment. You are focused on them. How you can help, and how you can be of service. Take some time to connect with that part of you before hopping on the phone or going to a meeting. Take three deep breathes and make the intention to connect. Think about how much you love to help people and see the bigger picture of what you are doing. Come from that place always when connecting with potential clients.

Is It or Isn’t It About the Money?

28 Feb 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

Something that may help you reshape the way you think about money is to think about what you would do with it if you had more of it. Would you travel more, live in your dream location, have help around the house, give back to an important charity?

7 Steps to Clarity and Confidence

21 Feb 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

Clarity and confidence go hand in hand. When you can get clear on what it is you really want and where you want to go, you will move forward with much more confidence and ease. On the flip side, when you are clear on what your area of expertise is, you will have the confidence to go after what it is you want.

Life Changing Lessons Learned in Peru

15 Feb 2014 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

Instead I learned that it’s okay to live from our hearts. To make decisions from that place. To check-in with our hearts for the answers. Always. The mind can then be used to help us carry out our desires in a positive and creative way. That enables our minds to really shine.