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Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses



Sales Strategies from the Heart

05 Apr 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

There are a lot of misconceptions around sales because, unfortunately, some sales people have approached it the wrong way. Instead of asking questions and finding out what people want or need, they tell people what they need instead. This is a turnoff, right? Nobody wants…

Intuition Leads to Results

29 Mar 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

Most people don’t realize how important their intuition is to the growth of their business. The definition of intuition in Wikipedia is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and/or the use of reason. It’s really that inner-knowing deep within you. You know when something…

Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Stuck?

15 Mar 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

It costs money to travel.  Money also gives you the luxury of having more time. When you can stop trading your hours for money and leverage your time, you will have more of it. When your business grows, you can also afford to hire people…

Are You a Giver or a Taker?

01 Mar 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

If you’re only focused on what you can “get” from someone else, they will feel this and be repelled by you. Maybe a little harsh, but true. We’ve all had that encounter with an icky sales person, who isn’t listening to us, and just wants…

Do You Suffer From Sleep Sabotage?

22 Feb 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

Have you ever noticed how getting a good night’s sleep has such a HUGE impact on literally everything you do? How you interact with your kids, neighbours, business contacts? I’ve really been paying attention lately to just how important this is. It literally makes all…

Sign Up for the Napkins!

15 Feb 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

The last two weeks have been extremely busy for me with attending back-to-back events and having speaking engagements. My stomach started to turn when I saw the sign-up sheet at Ella’s school for their Valentine’s Day Celebration. Don’t they know I’m too busy to bake…

4 Tips for Being Authentic in Your Business

08 Feb 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

I had the opportunity to sit down with a few people who are really rocking it in their businesses! Think multiple seven figures. What happened, though, is that not once did these particular people take a real interest in my business and vision for the…

Success Depends on Your Follow-up Plan

01 Feb 2013 Posted by Chrissy in Articles

These simple steps will help you implement a follow-up system that you can start implementing now. When you know you’re going to a function, make sure you schedule in time the next morning to follow up with the people you met/interacted with there. For example,…