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The Power of The Law of Cause & Effect


The Power of The Law of Cause & Effect

Posted by admin in Articles 13 Nov 2017

This week I’ve noticed my bull shit barometer has gone way up. After dealing with a loss I just don’t have as much for patience for it. I can spot it a mile away and it’s forced me to really set some strong boundaries around what is and isn’t okay. It’s also helped me to feel much more connected to what is really important to me (what seems to come with loss), and I have taken the time to focus on that this week. The kids and I enjoyed our first fire of the season, and spent time just “being” playing cards and reading by the fire. I’ve also got back into making homemade meals from scratch and am enjoying the sense of cosiness that comes with this.


I’ve also put more energy and attention into my non-profit. The next step has FINALLY become visible after feeling a little stuck, and of course now everything is rolling in the most miraculous ways 🙂

This of course isn’t a coincidence though. If we put out feelings of confusion, we get more back to be confused about. If we put out clarity and focus, miracles and opportunities start showing-up!! Which brings me to the law of cause and effect. It’s come up this week in one of my groups, with clients and even in my own entrepreneurial group I belong to. I had a client share how easily something showed up for her – she literally thought it, and a half an hour later it showed up. She asked, “is that it? Can it literally show-up that easily??!!” The answer an astounding, “yep and yep”. Our thoughts can literally manifest into reality that fast, it’s just us that get in the way of receiving (and seeing) it, and therefore we resist it and push it away. The universe is beautifully showing-us each and every next step, and we have to feel good enough to receive it. Read on to learn more about the law of cause and effect, and how to start applying it in your own life.


The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause there is a definite effect.

Something I learned that created a massive shift for me with this law, is that the cause is always our thoughts. Always.

Every effect showing-up in your life is always a direct reflection of our thoughts. So if you’re not happy with the results (or lack there of), in your life, it can be traced back to your thoughts. This relates to money, health, relationships and our businesses.

This can be confusing because one can say, well I really want more clients but they’re not showing up. My thoughts are positive. Yes, but no. They are on the surface level, but deep down there is a different tape playing that suggests otherwise. This is where studying what is in your subconscious mind is helpful. If you have negative beliefs deep down about people who have wealth, on a subconscious level you don’t really want to be one of those people, and are therefore sabotaging your success. The thought you’re really putting out (and therefore the feeling), is that people with money are bad and I don’t want to be one of those people.

Therefore, the cause (thinking), is I don’t want money because it will make me a bad person. This feels bad, and therefore this is the energy going out. The effect (what shows up in your life), is struggling to get more clients. Working hard and nothing happening.

This is both humbling and empowering.

Humbling in that we need to take responsibility for what is showing up, and empowering because you aren’t a victim to your circumstances and can be a co-creator in your life.

Another important point is to look at your feelings as the effect. So say someone has a health issue. Everyone says they want to be healthy and happy, and then something in their health pops up and they can’t understand why. Keep in mind how you see the health issue is all about perception. You can choose to see it as terrible and sad, and something that has “happened” to you, or choose to look at why it’s happening and what the lesson is instead. You may have asked for more love in your life, and then a health crisis shows-up. If allowed, it brings you closer to those you love and helps heal relationships. Although you wouldn’t wish for poor health upon anyone, it showed up for a reason.

My friend recently blew out her shoulder. It hurts like hell and slowed her right down. She now has to make time for dozens of different health appointments to try to heal herself with both western and eastern medical treatments until she can have surgery. It’s a pain literally, and causes frustration. But once she surrendered to it, she realized how much more time she had in her day to receive. Miracle after miracle started showing-up, and she would have MISSED them if she had kept up with being so busy. The phrase, “stop to smell the flowers”, literally applies. Her shoulder taught her how to receive miracles. Pretty profound right?

So a big part of this is how we are seeing what shows up.

We are in control of that. We get to decide if we want to react or respond. Nothing presents itself as being “bad” or “good”, it’s all in the judgement we give it. The universe supports us in mysterious ways sometimes, and when we can surrender to it and trust that it’s all for a bigger reason, we will actually trust more and get back more to trust.

Let’s get really clear this week on the thinking that is creating the results in your life. Dial it back to what is going on deep down. Let’s also look at the lessons you are learning in what is actually showing-up. How can you learn the lesson, and start creating more and more powerful and empowered results?

Much love as you navigate and experiment with this xo

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