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Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses




Chris offers a combination of private coaching and consulting, virtual coaching and the odd surfing retreat! If you are interested in any of these programs, please fill out your contact information here, and a member of Chris’ team will be in-touch about your next steps.

Private Coaching & Consulting:

For business leaders and business owners who are serious about stepping into their infinite potential. You will address the sabotaging thoughts and behaviours preventing you, and your team where applicable, from tapping into the unlimited opportunities waiting for you. You are ready to learn a new approach that will enable you to become happier and more abundant in ALL areas of your life. Corporate and small business clients achieve growth in revenues by shifting belief systems leading to innovation and the rewards of persevering through inevitable transitions. They become mindful leaders and increase both business results and their quality of life.


Clients who have worked privately with Chris are known to triple their business in as little as 2-months!


* If you are interested in learning more about private coaching & consulting, please fill out your contact information here, and a member of Chris’ team will be in-touch about your next steps.

“Sacred Circle” In-person Group Coaching:

For those of you local to San Diego, or willing to fly in, who understand the necessity of getting out of your own environment and connecting with like-minded soul sisters in business. Sorry guys, this one is for women only. The women in this circle understand the power this support and connection has on their business, relationships and community. Outings are monthly at the beach or at Chris’ private home, with quarterly meetings held off site where you will do things life surfing, hiking and maybe even some aerial yoga! This circle is limited to 15 people.


Members have been known to grow their business exponentially after one meeting!


* If you are interested in joining , please fill out your contact information here, and a member of Chris’ team will be in-touch about your next steps.

“Global Circle” Virtual Membership Program:

77% of what people say to themselves is negative! No wonder why they are not creating the business results or lifestyle dreams they have imagined. What is worse, is most people don’t know what they are thinking subconsciously. This must be looked at if you want to become consciously aware of what you are putting out in the world. For what you put out, comes back. Always. During our global circle we focus on a new theme each month, for 21-days at a time. The themes are hand picked, and are not designed to be one more to do added to your list, but more for you to focus on positive thinking throughout the day. For what you focus on grows. Past themes include giving, receiving and abundance. The results have been outstanding.


Clients have noted this is the best course they have ever been a part of!


Change your life 21-days at a time, and join us here.

Best-Selling Book:

NavNavigating Entrepreneurshipigating Entrepreneurship is all about the journey of being a business owner. There is no straight path – the road is bumpy and filled with twists, turns and potholes. Sometimes you slow down for the curves, and other times you step on the gas and accelerate full speed ahead. In these chapters, you will read the stories of successful women entrepreneurs. They share their challenges and successes, ups and downs and twists and turns – with tips and ideas for you to navigate the road of entrepreneurship! These are women who had a dream, a vision, and a purpose – and did it no matter what! They got behind the wheel in the driver’s seat and took the road sometimes less traveled. Chris shares her personal struggles and how she overcame money obstacles specifically in order to grow her coaching business.


This book reached amazon best seller status. Check it out HERE!


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created It.” – Albert Einstein”