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Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses



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“During the 6 months I worked with Chris as my personal coach I transformed so much of my thinking, learned an incredible amount about myself and expanded my business and personal relationships. The knowledge and self awareness I have gained is invaluable. I learned the practice of love and gratitude on an entirely new level. My results in business on a personal level were tremendous. I am a network marketing professional and in the short 6 months of personal coaching I exceeded my goals to sponsor over 15 new business partners in my central business. As well as adding over 25 new clients. I can’t thank Chris enough for everything she has brought to my life.”

Melanie Booth
National Vice President Arbonne International



“So much love & appreciation to you and for all your guidance & belief. My life is forever changed because of you!”

Natalie Scott
Regional Vice President
Arbonne International








“Chris has such a gift to help others clarify and strategize exactly how to grow their business and achieve personal goals. Within one year of  working with Chris, I’m finalizing the move of my dreams to live abroad AND grow my business beyond what I thought I was capable of  doing.”

Platinum Leader, Young Living Essential Oils





“Thank-YOU for helping me get to this point. Honestly you have been amazing with helping me push through my sh*t. I can’t even explain my gratitude for you!”

Jennifer Sinclair
CEO of





“As a result of taking Chris’ Deep Dive group class, some unexpected changes occurred.  I had been feeling depleted due to recent business results. I had been successful before as an executive coach, but something had shifted inside. I was nervous about sales and couldn’t shake the negative energy. I was talking to the wrong prospective clients and taking the results personally.  As a result of doing some deeper subconscious work with Chris, I realized I didn’t feel worthy enough. I was looking to parents and even past clients for approval and reassurance, instead of seeing value in myself. After becoming aware and shifting these bigger blocks, I was able to manifest my dream relationship!

A friend I’ve known for a long time, I had never felt worthy enough of a relationship with her in the past. I shifted my energy and started loving again, and more importantly loving myself. As a natural result of being in such a loving relationship and raising my vibration, my business started flowing again and I am working with some amazing clients! Thank-you for your gentle yet powerful help Chris.” ~ Jack Austin, Founder & CEO Quantum Breakthroughs


“As a result of Chris’ Deep Dive program, I was able to dig out some lingering doubts that were holding me back from going in the direction I really wanted to in my business. I was able to launch a new program AND get comfortable with sales! I now actually make time for it in my schedule and I am excited to have conversations to see how I can help people. It was an important shift I needed to have. I have also combined my love for health & wellness and business strategy in a way that I am excited to offer new clients. Thanks Chris!”


Kristen Scott,


lorraine Image

In just one session with Chris, she helped me step-by-step implement a Monthly Group Membership program for my clients, by taking me through a powerful exercise. She also reconnected me with my core values and beliefs, as well as identifying any blind spots I had. I am now launching this program and having much success. Chris your spot-on guidance, wisdom and inspiration has been invaluable in helping me shift from using primarily a one-on-one model to integrating a group model! Thank you, Chris!”

Lorraine DiGiovanni 
Intuitive Healer and Medium 



“In just four days after our in-person intensive with Chris, I was able to enroll two new clients AND stayed firm in my power by saying no to people not willing to pay my full rate. With all of the work I’ve been doing on myself over the last 3 years, this has been the missing piece! I can’t wait to see where I’m at by the end of the 12-weeks!”

Sarah Michael, CEO & Founder of Sparking Results Coaching


Before working with Chris, I was unclear on my goals and the most important actions to achieve my goals. I was very stuck in the employee mindset and needing to transition to thinking/acting like a business owner. Chris helped me get focused on what was important to achieve my business goals and to improve my beliefs toward success and business ownership. She is a positive person and really believes in your success and helps you believe that you can achieve your goals. I was able to move down to part-time at work, which enabled me to create more time to focus on my business. This led to creating multiple speaking engagements and signing a lucrative contract! Thanks Chris!”

– Zack Jourdon, Executive Coach, SZJ Solutions, LLC


AJ_headshot_2013 “Over the past few years and especially past few months, I have been making some amazing progress in my business yet not to the level that I wanted. Through a few conversations with Chris, I was able to connect to a particular unconscious block that once understood, allowed me to begin stepping into another level of understanding and mastery regarding my wealth consciousness. I am now taking active steps to continually move forward. Chris’s insight and wisdom allowed for the beginning of this transformation and for that I’m truly grateful!”
– Dr. Anita M. Jackson, Founder and CEO


“I recently experienced the Deep Dive Intensive series with Chris Atley. It was, in a word, remarkable. Chris is a gifted leader – a facilitator to your own greatness. In a small, intimate group environment (at a beautiful luxury resort), the Deep Dive main event was a powerful, transformational experience for each participant. We were led on a path of discovery, uncovering hidden blocks, and connecting new insights and energy into a clear vision of what is possible for our business and life goals. Chris has access to deep wisdom and a very empathetic and aware understanding of your goals and challenges – and best of all, that wisdom is translated into redefining your own success. If you are an entrepreneur who is poised to jump ahead to the next level, while clearing out limiting beliefs and other issues, prepare to be blown away. By tuning into your inner motivations, and with a keen sense of observation, Chris will aid you in mapping out a bold, new strategy for your growth and success. Each strategy is unique – this is highly specialized work – but you must be prepared to exceed your own expectations, and then follow through and take action.

Fortunately, the ongoing portion of the Deep Dive program includes ongoing support, with live webinars (which are recorded for future reference) and workbook assignments to ensure that your new goals and strategies can progress. This process ensures that you will stay on track – and continue to grow. In addition, a private Facebook group is a convenient way to post questions, share insights and receive support with other “team” members, and from Chris directly. All in all, you will gain much from experiencing the Deep Dive for yourself. Are you ready?”

– Scott Harrell, CEO & Financial Advisor at


“Spending the day with Chris was the equivalent to 10 years of therapy! I had a major breakthrough and we did a lot on strategy too. I can’t imagine being in business for yourself and not doing this. Thanks Chris!”
– Berth Charles, CEO & Founder of




“I would say my biggest shift has come with the shift in my thinking. From being aware when negative thoughts arise and knowing that they are coming from fear or my limiting self doubt belief and that feeling isn’t real but something I made up in my head. Being able to recognize it for what it is, and surrender it to the universe so I don’t have to be anxious about it.

Oh and one more goodie for me was MANIFESTING! It actually works!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for all your help, you have no idea the impact you have made on my life, relationships, and how I approach my current business and am building my new business. Love, Chelsea”

– Chelsea McMurry, Founder & Nutrition Coach,


Brook-Miller“I didn’t even realize I was harboring old beliefs and negative energy that were not allowing me to move forward in my business! Chris helped me realize I was my biggest obstacle! After her retreat I felt more motivated and passionate about being of service to my clients. I just want to shout from the rooftops that this type of support exists!”

Stephanie Otero
Life & Business Coach
Wiseful Heart


Brook-Miller“Although I have only been working with Chris for a couple of months, I have already seen amazing shifts. The exercises that she takes you through so that you can zap your limiting beliefs, that you don’t even realize you have are literally life changing, I actually feel different physically, emotionally and mentally after a session exercise with Chris. Her support in between our regularly scheduled calls is nothing short of brilliant and helps you move through whatever you are experiencing at the time. My work with Chris has allowed me to open up to levels of awareness and see new opportunities I previously was not seeing. I’ve already generated $120 000.00 in new business! I cannot wait to see how it unfolds further, things are already opening up. Thank you Chris!”

Kim Beckers, CEO of,
Strategic Business Adviser & Certified Online Business Manager


Brook-Miller“I’ve achieved success already! During our meeting yesterday, my continuing ed class was selling online! And today I got a meeting set up for right after Thanksgiving. The man had JUST gotten the case when I called and he is desperately in need of help. I would not have been in the right mind space to make this happen without our day together. I feel like the gates are about to open for me big time!”

Dana Furby, Attorney and Data Evidence Consultant
Founder & CEO of





Brook-Miller“I just enrolled another client and now I have made $24,000 so far this week! Woohoo! Thanks for your support.”
“I went to a retreat with Chris Atley recently and it was a wonderful experience. Not only was the venue and agenda very well thought through the event itself was transformational. Chris is great at helping people get to the bottom of what’s holding them back from success in their businesses. In addition to teaching spiritual principles, working on money beliefs and values, we did some interesting exercises to get to the root of our subconscious beliefs and shift them. The combination of Chris’ personality and the various techniques she uses and a breathtaking venue this retreat a wonderful experience I will not forget.”

Vibeke Schurch
Business Success Coach


Brook-Miller“I felt very overwhelmed and lost about how to move forward in my business before working with Chris — it was hard to know what to focus on! With her sound guidance and cheerful, supportive style, I got moving and I’m now building momentum. It’s very exciting! As a result of coaching with Chris, I am networking more and enjoying it. With Chris, I developed a “roadmap” for this journey which gives me the confidence and excitement to keep moving forward. My client base is growing consistently and I now have more hope that I can create the work and life that I want! Chris has been such a powerful inspiration and model for me.”

Brooke Miller
Owner, Sole Proprietor of Brooke Miller Coaching 707.832.2025


andrew“Chrissy, offers invaluable coaching, insight and encouragement that could benefit anyone looking to achieve their personal and or professional goals. I also want to share how much I respect you and the bravery you’ve shown while relentlessly following your dreams, overcoming obstacles, and keeping such a positive attitude and outlook along the way.

Andrew Clark – Vice President
Marsh & McLennan Companies




Brook-Miller“I had one of those major breakthrough moments! I was part of the first call of the three call series today and wanted to say how much I realized today again how I relate to Chris. Everything just resonates so well – her story, her spiritual beliefs and how to tackle issues. For some reason it seems so close to home, which truly makes me believe that I actually can do this, too! I feel blessed and fortunate to be part of this group! Thank you!”

Petra Lengauer, Ornamental Horticulture, Health Coach,
Certified Longevity Coach



Brook-Miller“30 minutes on the phone with Chris helped me remove a block I had been beating my head against for the past 6 months. Her gentle guidance was surprisingly powerful. Thank you, Chris!”

Vanessa Mills, owner of Zamora Creative


Brook-Miller“Before working with Chris, I had just launched my business teaching children coping skills and was feeling that I needed some support to make sure that I was laying the proper groundwork to be able to flourish. As a result of doing her 6-month group coaching program, I had a clear direction. I held more classes at more schools, started speaking for Moms, launched a summer camp and partnered on some amazing joint ventures! My revenue has been consistently increasing as I continue to serve more families. Chris has an amazing gift for helping you pull out the blocks that are holding you back and stare them square in the face! I really appreciated her simple steps to making your business fit in your life and not the other way around. I look forward to working with her in future programs as well as periodic support to keep my path clear!”

Michele Pullo,Creator of happycalmchild


Brook-Miller“Before starting coaching with Chris I was frustrated with the business side of my business and forward momentum and growth had become very limited. As a result of coaching with Chris, I have become very excited about the content AND the business of my company. I have experienced a great deal of personal expansion, really adapting my mindset to accommodate all of the new awesome realities and opportunities that I am creating, and, my business is expanding at an incredible rate. I have attracted an amazing synergistic business team, business operations are flowing eeeasefully and sales are increasing dramatically with a more than three-fold increase in my sales stream in the last six months.”

Jo-Anne Brenner
Founder/Director K9 MEDIC

Brook-MillerChris is so friendly and heartwarming. I originally met her at a training and withnessed her growing in her own personal world. But there was something special about the spark of her soul and as a healer and therapist I was able to tell that she has a special gift to offer, but I did not know yet what it was. Until one day I attended her Seminar on Money, and she offered powerful Gems of learning about prosperity and abundance, in her unique own down-to-earth way. She touched my heart with her spiritual marketing techniques and I decided to take her up on her further teachings. She helped me discover core emotions that were in my hiding zone about money and abundance. She also helped me take my practice to a whole new level by valuing my time and offering 100x more…now that is value and I value her for that. Thanks a Million Chris!

Shahin D. Jedian
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Kabalistic Healer and Coach


Brook-MillerEver since meeting Chris Atley, for our monthly mastermind breakfast, she has given so much great information to help people who are
blocked in their mind-set about achieving success. Major issue for entrepreneurs, for sure! Thank-you for listening and providing some much needed harmony! 🙂

Kristine Dutra
Independent Stylist



melissac“Before taking part in Chris’ success sessions I was having a lot of self- doubt in many situations including my new business and in my personal life. I questioned myself on everything and was caring too much about what others thought. Every time a new challenge was before me I could feel that lump in my throat that stopped me almost in my tracks. I finally realized my self confidence needed some work. As a result of participating in Chris’ success sessions, I started to assert myself and stop doubting the actions I took. The lump in my throat lessened but was still there.The difference was my reaction. I acknowledged the feeling and kept on motoring anyways. It is never as hard as you think it’s going to be. I feel good and confident about my abilities. I have recently acquired two new customers in my business, which is amazing since I could barely call them up on the phone before!”

Melissa Crickmore
Brand Partner at Vemma Corporation

testimonial“Being an artist and entrepreneur, I am easily distracted and tend to lose interest quickly. Working with Chris throughout the first few months of starting my new business kept me driven and focused on my vision. Her coaching helped me to get organized and schedule my time properly and has ultimately led my business to grow quickly. I am more focused and organized than ever and I thank Chris for helping me get where I am today and teaching me techniques that will lead me to success. Thank-you Chris.”

Vanessa Lazaroff
Owner & Designer,


DSC_0103-2-150x150“I participated in the group coaching to improve my time management skills, to set personal and professional goals, and to get clear on what was really important to ME. I knew I wanted more time with my children and for myself but was fearful of the unknown if I was to leave my full time job. I had a vision but was unclear on just how I was going to achieve the life I wanted. At times I felt frustrated and reluctant to make such a huge transition, as I was not only going to impact myself but my entire family.

After my group coaching with Chris, I learned how to schedule my time accordingly and efficiently. I am also more organized both in my professional and personal life. I found Chris to be very engaging and easy to talk with. She is someone who truly cares about her clients. I now feel inspired to move my life to the next chapter! Thanks Chris!!”

Melanie Elliott
Professional Stager & Photographer,

janeThe changes I made not only allowed me to start taking more time for myself; it also helped me redesign my work day so that I am more productive and creative, and my business has started to be run in a more efficient and organized way.”

Jane Wanamaker
Distributor NuSkin Enterprises



“Before starting Chris’ audio class I was in a rut and needed some inspiration and new ideas. While listening to the first audio class I felt immediately empowered and realized it is doable and it all starts with me! Chris got me thinking of easy, realistic ways to make changes and get instant results! I have already implemented a few of these ideas and they are working!”
Alison King – Professional Organizer


melissa“Even if you think you have heard it all, Chris teaches you some new tips and tricks for you to use to streamline, organize, prioritize, and transform into your most effective “self”. Whether you need help in your business or personal life, she guides you with the perfect mix of knowledge and action points and takes a personal interest to make sure positive change results from your process.She dusts off all those ways YOU KNOW you should be managing your life and shines them in a new light, creates realistic bite sized action items, and encourages you to renew your efforts to create your ideal life.

ROI, you ask? Really, when it comes down to it, what’s your time and ideal lifestyle worth to you? The amount of time I have saved since taking her group coaching class and the self-empowered feeling of having more control over my own schedule.. my own LIFE, it’s simply priceless. She’s absolutely fabulous and I highly recommend her!”

Melissa Sullivan, Owner & Rockstar VA,



“I hired Chris as a professional coach when I was at a crossroads in my career. In working with Chris, I quickly discovered that my job was negatively impacting all areas of my life. Although I have always loved my chosen profession in marketing (it’s what I was meant to do!), it was difficult for me to sort out the issues as to why I was unhappy, and unhealthy. Since my career has always been a major focus in my life, I needed to make it a priority for ‘fixing’. Chris recommended and implemented a variety of tools that helped me take a realistic ‘inventory’ of my life and career, which led me to some major breakthroughs and changes. As a result of her coaching, I have opened my own business and it is growing beyond expectations! I will continue to utilize Chris’s guidance as my company expands into new areas. I strongly recommend Chris as a professional coach. I guarantee she will make a difference for you in your life!”

Lori McCrae
Owner LM:ent Marketing,

kirstenfrey“Chris helped me to identify both short and long term goals, whether financial or personal, and the action steps I needed to take on a weekly basis to achieve those goals. Our meetings kept me accountable for the choices I made. On occasion, the meetings revolved around my own well-being and she provided suggestions on how I could support my energy levels, increase productivity, and keep a positive attitude. As a result, the set up of my home office is complete and I am meeting with clients, both from my home and a yoga studio.”

Kirsten Frey – Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Owner, Whole Life Nutrition




“Chris’ coaching has opened my eyes and empowered me to recognize my passions! Through exercises of self-discovery and goal setting, I have developed a more complete self-awareness and confidence. Our weekly conversations have inspired me to continue to prioritize positive personal growth! As a result I am able to better balance both my professional and personal lives! Thank you Chris!”
Louise Norris
Team Leader


Jill“My weekly coaching with Chrissy has been an amazing experience. Since I began my coaching sessions, she has encouraged me to make positive changes and together we created a “plan of action” which in turn helped me live a more balanced lifestyle. I find myself more energetic, enthusiastic, and all around happier with both my personal and professional choices. Chrissy is a powerful and motivating coach, and I recommend her expertise to anyone who has a goal, just unsure of how to reach it. Thanks Chrissy!”

Jill Kivell
Childcare Supervisor




“Before working with Chrissy, I was preparing for some major exams, and feeling very scattered. I was having a hard time organizing my study habits. She helped me develop more strategic ways to plan out my studying, and made it seem so much more manageable! I was not only able to study more effectively, but I was even able to take my certification exams almost 2 months earlier than I expected! Thanks so much for your help Chrissy!”
Brie Backus
Pilates Instructor

“Chrissy is an excellent Life Coach who specializes on entrepreneurs. She works great with people who are unsatisfied with their current situations and are ready to propel themselves into business ownership. Personally, even though I am not yet an entrepreneur, Chrissy has shown me a great deal about what it takes to run a business. Her focus on the client and her ability to anticipate their needs are uncanny, and that is why I highly recommend her to anybody who has a desire for a better life!”
Clement Liu – Area Governor
Toastmasters International

In addition to Success Coaching, Chris can be booked for speaking engagements and has spoken to hundreds of people internationally to help provide inspiration and motivation in their lives and businesses.