Hey there! Standing in our power is key for creating an empowered business and life ?

Giving away our power traces back to not feeling good enough.

That darn ego again – the part of us that is always comparing ourselves to others and feeling less then, or lacking in some way, shape or form.

Here are 5 ways to tell if you are giving your power away in business specifically, and what to do to shift it.

  1. You let the client decide what package is best for them. You are giving your client a bunch of choices and letting them decide what is best for them. It’s imperative to show-up as the expert you are during the sales process. The people coming to you are coming to you for a reason. Because YOU can help them and have the answer to their solution. They are counting on you to guide them. Offer the solution that will help them the most ?
  2. You allow the client to barter on your rates. This is a tough one. If you don’t have a lot of clients, it can be easy to talk yourself into taking less or even doing an exchange. BUT if you stand firm in your value, you will stop attracting these situations, learn the lesson, and start attracting a higher caliber of client, meaning one who sees and appreciates your value. Stay firm and you will have this shift.
  3. You give too much. Ahh…I am guilty of this one too. We want to help but not in a way that gives away our power. Check-in, are you giving because you feel like you have to in order to prove your value? Or is it because you are genuinely wanting to help and give a little extra? Just be careful because the ego can talk us into this being a “good deed” but can still be a disguise for not feeling good enough deep down. One is about lack and the other about extending generosity.
  4. You betray yourself and the boundaries you’ve set. You know you need to set boundaries and have even mapped them out, but then go back on your word to yourself. This causes resentment and burn out AND strengthens feelings of “not good enough” because now you haven’t honoured your commitments to yourself.
  5. You seek reassurance from others instead of tuning in. There is a fine line between getting “reassurance” and getting an “objective” opinion. The former being about second guessing yourself and looking for reassurance to value yourself and your ideas. The latter being about brainstorming and gathering information, while staying neutral and grounded in your self-worth.

Ahh okay…what to do to shift it?

Having the awareness on how it shows up might be enough. Start catching it and noticing it, and then make a different conscious choice instead.

Try saying, if I was valuing myself and my worth, what would I do here instead?

Start “acting as if” you do until you just do ❤️

Do some deeper work and check-in on why you are good enough as you are, regardless of external accomplishments and achievements.

Affirm your worth daily, and again make decisions from this place.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

Chris xoxo

P.S. Our latest podcast on all things A Course in Miracles was posted Thursday. We add a little humour and discuss how this is a complete state-changer & ego-squasher!!