ACIM (A Course in Miracles) is near-and-dear to my heart, with it being the most influential spiritual and personal development book (course) I have studied. It has been integral to manifesting the life and business I’ve created, and continue to grow. I have been fortunate enough to learn, study and debrief – and okay a little venting too! – with my best friend of 25 years. As friends who have supported each other in our journeys to better ourselves, we developed a fun ritual of meeting for beach walks where we would share the challenges we faced during the first leg, and then use the Course to gain perspective during the second. We decided to create this podcast – because we could talk about the Course all day long! – and to hopefully share what we have learned along the way in a fun and practical way. It is our beliefs that dictate how we show-up in life and this course helps us to let go of fear and lack based thoughts, and step into our true loving and creative nature, where the tru magic of manifesting lies. I’ve had many clients and friends want to study this Course, but find it wordy and a little tough to understand. I get it and was there too. It took me four years to read the text the first time through! Our intention with this podcast, is to help simplify the Course for those who want to bring more peace and miracles into their lives, as the concepts can be heavy even though they really come back to one simple truth to apply over-and-over. We hope you enjoy it as much as we love creating it. xoxo

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