A must read! 📚💚


A must read! 📚💚

Posted by Amber Miller in Articles 19 Nov 2020

This book is sooo good Amber!


You know how sometimes you read a book and it helps you to have just the shift you’re needing?!


Well that’s what happened to me with “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin.


What I often find is its things we’ve heard before, but sometimes we just have to hear them in a different way…or maybe we’re feeling a little more susceptible to the ego – the part of us that wants us to not feel good about ourselves & to believe in lack – AND then reading even just one sentence can snap us back into seeing the truth.


That we are abundant creators here to manifest a joyful and happy life 🙌


What I like about this book, is that instead of just shifting to thinking positive, which really can be a spiritual bandaid, is about tackling AND changing our poor habits instead with a few tangible tips on how to do so.


That in itself helps us to have more compassion and peace anyway, instead of just trying to jump to that without doing the work.


… And LADIES read chapter 2 over and over and over…and let us stop giving away our power to make others feel comfortable!


In our latest podcast episode we also dive into this in a little more detail…this episode is about how to ask for help, getting into alignment and that the universe knows exactly what we need and how to deliver it to us 💪


Because honestly it’s all these things that keep us tied up energetically and DISTRACTED from creating and manifesting what we really want – biz and lifestylee wise.


It’s time to get a conscious handle on this stuff, so that you can shift the subconscious thoughts that are running the show.


Have a wonderful weekend!




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