Build a Biz & Life Around Your Core Values 💪


Build a Biz & Life Around Your Core Values 💪

Posted by admin in Articles 12 Nov 2020

I had such a great time giving a talk this week for the National Club Association of America! I shared how to stay focused on growing, educating & motivating others now and beyond co-vid. I so love connecting with people in person and even though I was bummed I couldn’t be there with them in Baltimore, we were truly able to make it special and engaging 💛



One exercise that I shared with the group was a “Values Game”. When we are clear on our values, we make sure we are living a life that is in alignment with what is meaningful and important to us AND it makes it a heck of a lot easier to say no to the things we don’t really want to do.


👉👉👉 You can grab the exercise here.


It sometimes makes sense to have a list of values for your personal life and also your professional life, but more often than not they overlap.


Get clear on what your values are first, and from there make sure your calendar (aka your time) reflects them. So, if family, financial freedom and fun are yours, make sure you have time in your calendar for ALL three! I would also take these values into your work (if they are the same), and make decisions that honour and support these three areas when you are making decisions around the growth of your business and where to spend your time.


Schedule in time now this weekend to do the exercise and work on your empowered calendar. I suggest creating a monthly calendar with recurring items – in different colours of course! – and then also checking in weekly to encourage flexibility and being able to shuffle things around accordingly. Schedule the schedule – meaning ad time into your schedule to look at it each week 🙂


Another area I touched on in the talk was expectations. The expectations we have of ourselves and others are often self-imposed, and rooted in the ego (the part of our mind that’s addicted to drama), which keeps us in just that. Drama. Hurt feelings. And far from the loving, creative version of ourselves…


You can take a deeper dive into this topic in our latest podcast episode that just dropped this morning 🎤


We also discuss what self-love and self-respect looks like, and how to know when to walk away 💪


Have an amazing weekend!


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