How to Manifest Your Vision πŸ™Œ


How to Manifest Your Vision πŸ™Œ

Posted by admin in Articles 29 Oct 2020

Most people don’t give themselves permission to really go for their deepest desires. We have been taught that we need to know the plan first before we can make it happen… which leaves a lot of people stuck and discouraged.


BUT what if there is a whole universe to support our dreams and desires?


Let’s take this one step further…what if our desires and dreams are actually being given to us by the universe?? This all-knowing resource system; that knows what excatly will inpsire us, how we can make a difference (mission), and the way to carry it out (vision), so that all we have to do is follow what makes our hearts sing? πŸŽΌπŸ–€



Because when we’re happy, we make other people happy πŸ’›


Cool right? We can take the pressure off from trying extensively to find our “purpose”, and just trust that we are being given the desire (joy, love, bliss) for a reason!


How freeing and it takes the pressure right off.


Because when we’re aligned on the inside – aka tapping into and honouring what lights us up – we create it on the outside.


Our beliefs have to be in alignment.


You can tune into our latest podcast episode this week, where we discuss more on subconscious beliefs, what they really are, and how to step into a place of knowledge and manifesting power πŸ’›


Have a beautiful weekend!


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