Let’s work on Acceptance today…❤️


Let’s work on Acceptance today…❤️

Posted by Amber Miller in Articles 24 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas to you and your family if you are celebrating Amber 🎄


And wishing you lots of love and peace today and every day regardless of your religious background and traditions.


We are 💯 missing our family this year, but are making the most of it and still creating memories with our core unit 🙂 This is from golfing earlier this week and I love how festive everyone is ❤️



But along with many of you, this year has been about managing expectations. Whether you’re letting go of traditions or making new ones, this does take some adjusting.


Let’s talk about the dysfunctional ones for a minute…many of us have high expectations of ourselves and others this time of year – it’s the year we’re going to show-up fully, love everyone no matter what comments Uncle Bob brings to the dinner table, and have a beautiful holiday! Am I right?? 🙋🏻‍♀️


BUT we often set ourselves up for failure.


Per Eckhart Tolle’s book, “A New Earth”, he talks about the pain body coming out in full force at family gatherings. The pain body is exactly as it sounds, a layer of pain filled with past hurts and resentments. Unfortunately a lot of this gets triggered around family because they’ve been in our lives for so long that there is often unresolved conflict.


So pretending that everything will be hunky dory isn’t really serving us.


So what can we do instead? Just notice it. Come into the situation -whether you’re in-person or online this year – knowing who you really are…a brilliant bright light 🌟 filled with love and acceptance for ALL.


From there, just notice your triggers. In that very moment realize what is coming up for YOU. You can’t control others, but you absolutely can control your own reactions and perception 🙌


When we’re upset with others, it’s usually about us projecting out our own unfounded guilt anyway.


So how can you enter in this holiday season with love and compassion for yourself? Those external resentments will start to fade away when you realize you have nothing to prove.


Our latest podcast episode, “Toes on the Knows”, will help you do just that this holiday season and moving forward. When you are standing with your toes on the threshold of the ego’s slippery slope, what will you decide Amber?


Wishing you so much love, peace & joy,


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