Success is an inside job πŸ’ͺ


Success is an inside job πŸ’ͺ

Posted by Amber Miller in Articles 05 Apr 2021

I had the best time speaking about zoom fatigue this week for the Credit Union Association!

It is a legit and real thing…

What’s interesting is a lot of it comes from being mentally exhausted… with many of us looking at our own video screen!! 🀣

It’s hard not to…

I shared some tips on how to move past this, but it really does always come back around to this…

Success is an inside job.

What we put out we get back.

In our latest podcast episode that “dropped” this morning, we talk about just that.

What happens on the inside happens on the outside.

​Tune in to the latest where we talk about how so much can come from reversing our understanding of cause and effect…

And as usual we get into a pretty esoteric conversation about energy and death, and what happens afterward… well our thoughts on it anyway…

We hope this frees your energy up a little too!

Have a beautiful weekend,

Chris, xo

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