Best-Selling Book:

NavNavigating Entrepreneurshipigating Entrepreneurship is all about the journey of being a business owner. There is no straight path – the road is bumpy and filled with twists, turns and potholes. Sometimes you slow down for the curves, and other times you step on the gas and accelerate full speed ahead. In these chapters, you will read the stories of successful women entrepreneurs. They share their challenges and successes, ups and downs and twists and turns – with tips and ideas for you to navigate the road of entrepreneurship! These are women who had a dream, a vision, and a purpose – and did it no matter what! They got behind the wheel in the driver’s seat and took the road sometimes less traveled. Chris shares her personal struggles and how she overcame money obstacles specifically in order to grow her coaching business.

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Possibility Candle:

The candles are handmade in the USA by my good friend Ianthe of Objects with Purpose, who’s candles have been featured on HGTV and sold in places like Gelsons and Home Goods. They are 100% vegan and are made with wearable coconut butter! They are the absolute best quality and smell delicious! After gifting them every year to clients at Christmas, we decided to create our own with an intentional message and purpose. I now include them as welcome gifts for my coaching programs 🙂 With yours, you too will be able to set a powerful intention in creating your own dreams that will be anchored in with the name “possibility” and the scent of the candle 🙂 I often use scents with my clients during exercises to activate their subconscious mind and anchor in the changes we make – it’s oh so powerful! Get your candle HERE!