Okay who doesn’t get nervous putting themselves out on social media, right?!

I’ve been speaking and doing live trainings for years both on and offline, and I STILL get nervous!

I think getting a little nervous is good though. It means we care about doing a good job. One of mentors used to say, “when you get nervous think of service”, and that has stayed with me ?

BUT… there can be an entirely different type of nervousness…


It’s that part that we need to send a little extra TLC to and move through…

I call this “getting in your head”.

When you start worrying. Worrying about what other people are thinking about you, which then causes you to doubt what the heck you’re even talking about.

For me this tends to pop up when I’m in front of people outside of my entrepreneurial community.

I create some story that tells me so and so thinks this about me and blah, blah, blah. It has 100% stopped me in the past.

This my friends is the ego. The part that wants us to judge ourselves and others. That wants to tell us we’re never good enough and asks who am I to do ______.

I can now recognize when it starts to pop up and I consciously choose not to not listen, make myself do it anyway, and then I’m reminded why I’m doing it to begin with and that it’s all about helping other people.

Love will trump fear every time.

But it can still creep in and we just have to be aware of the ego’s ludicrousness. Because here’s the thing, it wants us to get derailed and go down a doubt spiral. This is super prevalent when we’re in business for ourselves because growing a business means putting ourselves out there.

So a little while ago I was doing a live on Instagram, and I saw a friend from high school pop up as a viewer. I immediately got nervous and forgot what I was talking about. Thankfully I have practice in this (it’s all it takes), and I was able to shift gears and get back on track quickly.

BUT… I kept thinking OMG what is HE thinking about this?? He doesn’t know what I do and is he going to think I’m crazy?


This happens to ALL of us.

And the funny thing about all of this is that the “story” I made up in my head wasn’t even true.

He reached out later and because of what I shared asked if me and my family wanted to be on a t.v. show ?


Do not believe it’s B.S.

How can we possibly know what someone else is thinking?

And when we’re coming from fear (ego), we’re never going to see it clearly anyway.

When we’re connected to something bigger than us we can at least see the truth in situations.

So my friend, what story is the ego having you believe that is causing you to make a limiting choice?

See it for what it is… just a story… and make yourself take action anyway…

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. Our latest podcast on all things A Course in Miracles dropped this week… if you’re wanting to take a deeper dive into all things ego and how it loves to sink its teeth into problems, no matter the size, then tune in this weekend for sure ?

P.P.S. I’m back to connecting with you on Saturdays! I have been sending my notes out for YEARS on Saturdays and changed it up after thinking I try myself not to look at email over the weekends… BUT I do read and listen to things that are inspiring to me, and I hope these notes are a source of that for you. Many of you have told me you look forward to reading these on Saturday mornings. And so I hear you ❤️