I was so excited to learn that Rhonda Byrne has a new book out, “The Greatest Secret” and even more excited to hear that she has been on a journey of seeking a deeper truth since putting out her movie and book, “The Secret”. I too have been on the same journey, and it’s what led me to studying A Course in Miracles. In case you don’t know my background, I was led to the movie The Secret after asking some really deep questions when I lost my Dad unexpectedly. I knew I wanted to make a career change before having my first baby, and then my Dad passed away two months after Jude was born.

I started asking some more serious questions that related to more than just finding my passion. Little did I know that being led to this movie and its principals would become my passion! I was asking questions like; “why are we even here”, “what is the meaning of life”, and “what is this life all about” – and not from a positive find-your-purpose type of way. I was angry and upset after my Dad dying, and was essentially asking what the meaning of life was.

Here is a photo of Dr. Demartini from the Secret and I, speaking at an event ?

This has become my purpose and passion, to truly step into a place of freedom where we can be, do and have anything in life, and to help others do the same and what gets in the way of us doing it!! This searching essentially led me to A Course in Miracles, which is all about having a shift in perspective so that we can receive the love that is there for us and create the most amazing miraculous life! We all deserve to have joy and freedom.

Funny enough in our latest podcast episode that just “dropped” this morning, we use an interview with Rhonda as a catalyst to a deeper discussion around whether or not we actually need to suffer in order to have a breakthrough! Do we need a death, accident, divorce, near death experience as a wake-up call? ??‍♀️

And what’s funny is that after we recorded our episode, I started her new book only to discover what she has learned is exactly what the Course teaches. I love when things come full circle!

And how does this apply to business??!! EVERYTHING!! It’s these heavier thoughts of suffering that keep us from seeing the light… the next steps in creating our dreams and hearts desires. It’s the stories of the ego that we have all bought into that keep us playing small.

I hope you will tune in, and at the very least, look at the results you’re currently getting in your life (biz and relationships), and ask yourself what is the thinking / story keeping you there? This is the shift. This is the miracle.

Have an amazing weekend!

Chris, xo