I am soooo excited to show you our brand new website AND focus!!!

I resisted focusing solely on coaching coaches for years – what about the rest of the business owners?

But what I didn’t realize – was how deeply fulfilling it would be to help other coaches have the tools to transform other people’s lives – it’s the most amazing ripple effect!!

I am now solely showing other professionals how to add in high-end coaching & existing coaches how to scale their businesses! I am also certifying them in my process that has helped so many other entrepreneurs, and giving them a complete coaching business in a box for them to duplicate and replicate!

My ❤️ is full.

Resistance can be a funny thing… we tell ourselves ALL kinds of stories to keep us stuck and not taking the action.

And that’s okay.

It just means we have a few more lessons to learn, to have that shift in perspective that will enable us to receive the opportunities right there for us…

So do a little check-in… what are you resisting, and then what is the lesson? Try zooming out and looking down on the situation… what is it here to teach you?

* And side note…even though there is a slightly new focus, everything I teach and share is about stepping into the best version of yourself so that you can make empowered decisions and create whatever it is you’re wanting.

So I hope you will be inspired to hang around ??‍♀️

I also won’t be offering as much coaching personally, but we are now creating an amazing community of coaches who are certified in our process, and if you would like help finding a coach please reach out ?

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Chris xo

P.S. There is a new Self-care Masterclass and also a Mastercoach Training on the website if you are looking for additional resources ?