I was chatting with my Mom the other day and had a MASSIVE realization!! We have some great inspired conversations!!

What I realized is it truly is a fine line between being grateful for what you have and feeling guilty for wanting more…?

On the one hand, we want to be grateful for everything we have. When we’re truly grateful, not just saying we are, but truly be-ing and feel-ing thankful, we put this energy out.

Which in turn comes back. When we’re thankful we see and attract more in our lives to be thankful for. We create from a place of joy and love, and this creates more of just that.


It can be a slippery slope moving from being grateful to then asking for more…

That can land us right in “settleville” settling for less than we can absolutely create because we feel “guilty” for wanting more, and that it means we aren’t grateful for we have…

And therein lies the problem.

And so I went “Course in Miracles” on it, as I like to call it when I apply the Course to something…and this one is BIG!!!


Bolding that because it’s that important!!

AND it’s the judgment that creates guilt…

Think about it for a second…if you’re grateful, you’re in a state of bliss, love and joy, and you just naturally create your hearts desires from that place. There is no judgment, and therefore no guilt. You’re just having fun creating!

If you slip into guilt or feeling “not grateful” enough…you have taken the ego’s bait EVEN if it sounds noble!!!

It knows exactly how to get you to stop, and any hook it can offer you to make you feel like not a good person you will avoid at all costs.

And so you settle.

Settling meaning you don’t create your hearts desires, whatever they are for you. You listen to all of the reasons that it’s bad to be, do or have __.

So let’s shine a light on this, see it for what it is, and go back to being, feeling, and gratefully creating ❤️

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

– Chris, xo

P.S. And for those of you wanting to go a “Course in Miracles” on this even more deeply, we talk about it during our latest podcast where we discuss the art of becoming aware of whether you are being driven by fear or inspiration, the fine line between gratitude and guilt in asking for what you want, and how to keep this life-changing observation at the forefront of your mind even when you are faced with doubters.