I wanted to make sure to still send you a little inspiration this week after a full week of connecting around my new course!

It was an amazing 10-days of live trainings, answering questions, and putting the final touches on my course. And I do have to say my most favourite part of this process and what I am bringing into this year with me is CONNECTION.

I absolutely loved connecting with new and familiar faces ? It’s connecting with others that truly lights me up, and I am finding new ways to do this online. Social media used to be a chore for me if I’m being honest – a should. I am now truly loving it and the opportunity to develop deeper connections with people all around the world. Last week I was chatting with someone in Ireland! How fun!

It wasn’t until I started writing this note to you that I realized CONNECTION will be my word for this year. I love choosing a word that represents what I want to strengthen. Past words have included saying YES to life’s opportunities, having more FUN, giving and receiving more LOVE, SURRENDER and letting go, and last year being PROGRESS. Making progress in all areas of my life, and I’m happy to say I did just that.

The issue with New Year’s resolutions is that many people put too much pressure on themselves to FIX something. But you’re not broken. You are loved, lovable and ENOUGH just as you are.

To me it’s more about creating more of how we want to FEEL so that we can be truly living a life we love. We don’t have to wait for external things around us to come to fruition to feel that way.

It’s definitely okay to set goals because they drive us forward and help us grow into who we need to become in order to achieve our bigger dreams.

But at the same time check-in on those goals. What is the feeling they will ultimately create for you? And then look at what you can do now to generate that feeling every day…or maybe it’s more around something you need to let go of in order to feel more_____.

We don’t have to wait to feel those feelings, we can do it NOW. And feeling them now will actually lead to what we’re wanting to create faster.

Also, check in on what you’re wanting to create from the place of intention. Are your intentions about expansion and creating joyful experiences or are they around shoulds? We want to ditch those, although some goals might feel like a should at first – like working out – but they lead to more happiness ultimately because we have more energy to do what we’re wanting. On that note I would truly find workouts that you love and ditch the shoulds there too!

So, what is on your bucket list this year and why?

We had the opportunity to go “desert” camping before Christmas – I didn’t even now it was a thing! It was to go dirt biking and ride in a side-by-side ride (like a big race cart for the sand!). My son Jude had been begging us to try dirt biking, so when this came up he said, “please can we go, it’s on my bucket list”!!

LOL at 14 he has a bucket list and I of course LOVE that!! He also knows there’s no way I’ll say no to a good bucket list item ?

So here he is!!!

And I have to say, we had the BEST time. The desert was beautiful – just 2 hours from San Diego – and it’s all wide open sand and mountains AND there was no one in sight! My daughter and I arrived later, and as we pulled up we were greeted by the guys in the side-by-side. They needed to take us to the camping spot because there was no way you would find your way to it – it was literally in the middle of nowhere! So the guys hopped out, and us gals enjoyed a ride into the sandy hills as the sun was setting. It was spectacular!!

Often when we say yes to our dreams, it creates the most amazing opportunities for other people too! Thank-you to Jude and our friends for this one ❤️

So do a little investigating into your own dreams and goals, and then take some time to write them out. I love to look back as if we’re a year out, and write then down as though they’ve already happened with most importantly how I FEEL by the end of the year and the shifts I had in the process to get there. From there, include 1-2 goals you’re working on in your gratitude practice every day as if you’ve already achieved them and are grateful.

The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality so you may as well get into that vibe now!! Like attracts like.

Happy creating in 2021!

Chris, xo