Chris Atley | Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses










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  • "As a result of coaching with Chris I have become very excited about the content AND the business of my company..."

    Jo-Anne Brenner, Founder/Director K9 MEDIC,

  • "My work with Chris has allowed me to open up to levels of awareness and see new opportunities I previously was not seeing. I’ve already generated $120 000.00 in new business!"

    Kim Beckers, CEO of

  • "I feel good and confident about my abilities. I have recently acquired two new customers in my business, which is amazing since I could barely call them up on the phone before!”

    Melissa Crickmore, Brand Partner at Vemma Corporation:

  • "I am more focused and organized than ever and I thank Chris for helping me get where I am today and teaching me techniques that will lead me to success..."

    Vanessa Lazaroff, Owner & Designer,

  • "Chris got me thinking of easy, realistic ways to make changes and get instant results! I have already implemented a few of these ideas and they are working!"

    Alison King, Professional Organizer






Raving Fans


Denis Nurmela

CEO YesPlace

“Chris Atley is a great communicator, a beautiful person, has a wonderful family, a fun Canadian accent that keeps an audience’s attention and has a passion for helping others that is nearly tangible.”~ Read More


Jo-Anne Brenner

Founder/Director K9 MEDIC

“I have attracted an amazing synergistic business team, business operations are flowing eeeasefully and sales are increasing dramatically with a more than three-fold increase in my sales stream in the last six months.”~ Read More


Dr. Mark Mandell

Executive Director, Parker Professional Services

“Chris spoke at our annual event in Las Vegas and got rave reviews! If you want to someone to motivate, inspire and connect with your audience, she is it!”~ Read More


Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Founder and CEO

“I was able to connect to a particular unconscious block that once understood, allowed me to begin stepping into another level of understanding and mastery regarding my wealth consciousness…”~ Read More



Always continue to climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it.

~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox