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Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses



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Known for her warm approach and sense of humour, Success Coach Chris Atley, has spoken to thousands of people internationally…

Leading thDSC_0447-Edite way for entrepreneurs and small business owners, her motivational story and message speaks to a variety of audiences. Through her
down-to-earth style, Chris draws on her personal experience and business success to share with audiences the essential elements that comprise her ingredients for success in business and in life.

Chris is available for speaking engagements at your next conference, training, leadership event, workshop or gathering where people are looking for inspiration, motivation and results in their lives and businesses.

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The Influence of Love and the Power of Perseverance

To receive the rewards of life, we must first love ourselves.  Often, our beliefs get in the way. Are we good enough? Can we traverse through life’s obstacles? What is truly real? It is that lack of self-worth or need to be special that sometimes instills fear that interrupts outcomes we can achieve.  Our sense of self, sometimes defined as ego, can also put us into a state disbelief of what is possible, unless we have the awareness and know how to shift that thinking…then choose to persevere at all odds.  Knowing how to shift your thoughts is the difference in designing the life and lifestyle of your choosing. It starts with unconditional love…and that begins with you.

In this keynote, Chris shares how to:

  •       Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want
  •       Kick the green monster (ego) to the curb
  •       Remove the blocks that get in the way of realizing success
  •       Operate from a ‘resource’ state
  •       Demonstrate perpetual perseverance
  •       Recognize the benefits of love and connection (whether in business or life)
  •       Let go to let it flow 

 Turn the Impossible into the Possible

There are multiple benefits in recognizing negative thoughts as they arise and knowing that they are coming from fear or limiting self-doubt.  Being able to recognize this and surrendering it to the universe relieves anxiety and provides the mental (and physical) space to move forward.  The attention and intention of realizing how you can choose to show up in the world culls out our possibilities to actively participate in our own solutions and even collectively choose to address larger scale issues we face (or which our children will).

In this keynote, Chris shares:

  •       Understanding root causes of thinking and beliefs
  •       The necessity of clarity and how to achieve it
  •       The power of making empowered decisions and realizing your unlimited potential
  •       Strategies for overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  •       Setting boundaries and learning to say ‘no’
  •       Knowing you are enough
  •       Universal laws to get the results you want in your business and life 

An Enlightened Business

A business owner who is clear on his or her value will operate a business that is valued.  The value you give yourself is, in fact, the value others give you.   The cornerstone of perceived and real value is grounded in your thinking…and what is the root cause of your thinking?  Often, we can get stuck in ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ (thanks Zig Ziglar).  Our mindset can limit personal and business potential if the focus is on shame, blame, perfection or a need for total approval (okay, when does that happen?)  Taking personal responsibility and having healthy sense of self are turning points in creating massive results.  When we shift our beliefs, business will grow.  Leaders will lead.  Employees will contribute and clients or customers will be delighted.

In this keynote, Chris shares:

  •       How to identify the root cause(s) of your thinking
  •       What it takes to get ‘unstuck’
  •       The Experience of operating an enlightened business – what happens!
  •       The foundation of good decision making
  •       The bottom line results of shifting your beliefs and thoughts 

The result of learning the above is a direct contribution to a strong corporate culture, employee and customer loyalty…all resulting from cultivating leadership at a new and different level.

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Organizations where Chris has given talks and / or been interviewed:

  • Arbonne Canada
  • Bloomberg Radio
  • California Chiropractic Association
  • California Womens Conference
  • The Coaches Alliance
  • The City of Temecula
  • Ewomen
  • Enhanced Marketing Performance
  • Heroes Media Group
  • The Higher Experience
  • Icon Media
  • Invert
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network
  • Networking from the Heart
  • Parker University / Seminars
  • Pitzer College
  • Santa Rosa Academy
  • Saturday Morning Success TV
  • Scripps College
  • The Success Summit
  • Tom Ferry Real Estate Group
  • The University of Southern California
  • WINK
  • Young Living

Here’s what others said after hearing Chris speak…


“As the publisher of a magazine dedicated to changing the business of medicine, you can imagine that I have met innumerable executive coaches over the years. Without question, Chris Atley is a different breed all together. This is amplified considerably when she takes the stage, and inviting her to speak at our inaugural conference was one of the best decisions we made, pure and simple. Her speaking style was not only engaging, it accented her topical and relevant delivery of content that makes a measurable impact on their practices. It’s an uncertain time in medicine, but having her as part of our speaking faculty brought a level of executable instruction that is desperately needed, and rarely found.” 

Charles Tramont
CEO of Meridian Medical Practice Solutions,


“Thank you so much for your time and speech today! It was very inspirational. It really is true that the person who stands in our own way is ourselves. I                        would like to keep in contact with you.” 

                  Mary DiMento
                  President of National Association of Catering and Events San Diego 

“Thank you again for speaking at Convention. I heard great things from the attendees. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working with you again”
Kim DeWeese
Director Conventions & Seminars of the California Chiropractic Association

“Chris spoke at our annual event in Las Vegas and got rave reviews! If you want to someone to motivate, inspire and connect with your audience, she is it! An expert in personal development, Chris also exhibited that personally in how she worked with us before the event with her congeniality and even creating a bonus online workshop for our students and alumni!”
Dr. Mark Mandell
Parker University

“As producer of radio and television talk shows focused on business and success, I have come to know many levels of quality speakers, celebrities, performers and those who live at Olympic-levels of life.

You and I probably have the same problem trying to find a great communicator for an audience. That great desire to try a new speaker for a ‘fresh’ message has probably backfired for you just like it has for me, hasn’t it? Doesn’t it seem to always happen when we forget to check references thoroughly and just make a decision based on the speaker’s sales ability?

When our staff first scheduled Chris Atley as an expert guest on our shows it was because of her award winning business and life coaching skills and her abilities as a certified NLP practitioner. Chris’ recommendation from others were golden. I’d like to help you make a decisions you are proud of by recommending Chris Atley to you.

Since being a guest on our shows, Chris and I have shared the speaking stage together on several occasions and she has been cast as a backup co-host on our television show on a few occasions. Chris Atley is a great communicator, a beautiful person, has a wonderful family, a fun Canadian accent that keeps an audience’s attention and has a passion for helping others that is nearly tangible.

I am honored to recommend Chris to you and your audience. I’m confident you will be pleased with the outcome of her abilities. When she finishes speaking, you will be in a hurry to book her for her next talk with your organization. I guarantee it!”
Denis Nurmela
CEO YesPlace

“”Thank you again for speaking at Convention – I heard great things from the attendees. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working with you again.”.”
Kim DeWeese,,
Director Conventions & Seminars of the California Chiropractic Association

“”Thank you again for speaking at Convention – I heard great things from the attendees. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working with you again.”.”
Kim DeWeese,,
Director Conventions & Seminars of the California Chiropractic Association

“We were very pleased with your presentation and I know our members had some take-aways. The interaction portion was terrific. Thanks again for being there and doing such a wonderful job.”
Tamara Furman,
President of San Diego Coaches Alliance

“I’ve had Chris speak at both my Dallas and LA Success Summits. She did a fantastic job connecting and inspiring both audiences, along with offering valuable insight as to how limiting beliefs hold back entrepreneurs from growing their businesses. She also provided practical steps on how to overcome those beliefs and start achieving their big dreams and goals!”
Cathy Alessandra
CEO/Publisher of Today’s Innovative Woman

“Your talk on the psychological aspect of entrepreneurism was both inspiring and practical. Our business students got a lot out of it. Today I even overheard two of my students talking about how easy it can be to say “No” to a couple of other students in the hallway. I love that! Loved that they were still talking about what they took away from your visit yesterday! The more students you can reach, the more positive impact we all get to experience with this generation! Thank-you!”
Trisha Aspengren
High School Business Academy Teacher

“I had Chris out to speak for a group I run for successful business owners on how to move out of overwhelm and into creating more income and time. They loved it! The limiting beliefs she shared that were blocking how they were making decisions round their time really impacted them, and caused many to take action and shift what they were doing. Chris has a great sense of humor too and I would have her back again for sure!”
Craig Valine, 
Marketing Performance Strategist and Founder of ‘EMP’

“Chris Atley presented her “Don’t Let the Pool go Green” talk to a group of women business owners I belong to. Not only was the topic perfectly suited to the audience, but Chris made the talk very interactive and provided us with many useful take-aways. Chris is professional, yet approachable and came well prepared, yet able to adjust to the needs of the group. Thanks so much, Chris!”
Kristen Scott, MS

Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

“Chris did a private session for our Business School and shared great info. on overcoming limiting beliefs!”
David Fagan,
CEO of Icon Builder

“Chris was a GREAT speaker for our entrepreneur group! The audience really connected to her message and she made a definite impact.”
Lisa Bollow
Managing Director, Ewomen Orange County & San Diego

“Thank you again for your time and motivating talk!”
Cheryl Kitzerow
Economic Development Analyst, City of Temecula

“The student mentors really enjoyed your session. They better understood the value and importance of priori zing and setting goals for school, work and life—and the concrete actions they can take to do this.”
Jim Marchant
VP Student Affairs, Pitzer College